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Diverse Kindergarten

Toddler Program


Child-teacher ratio: 1 teacher per 5 toddlers

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Welcome to turtle rock & bunny burrow

One, two, three go! is the name of the game in the Toddler Rooms.


These little ones need a safe and fascinating space to run, play and excite their natural curiosity. They climb, jump, and parallel play with friends, while learning to share, color, paint, give big hugs, and wash their hands.


Your child will have the opportunity to explore, sing, dance, talk, and play—inside and out.

Speckled Background

A day in the life in the toddler rooms

Your toddler's day could include:


Painting with sponges, feathers, fingers and more


Support and encouragement with tummy-time, rolling over, crawling and walking

Reading Books

Listening to stories, pointing at pictures and discovering favorites

Sign Language

Learn to use sign language from an early age to help communicate needs

Exploring Textures

Discovering objects that are bumpy, smooth, slippery and squishy

Play Time

Being silly and having lots of fun is an important part of each day!

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Every day is a new learning opportunity in the toddler rooms! 


Each afternoon the toddlers snuggle up with a favorite blanket or lovey, wind down with soft music, and take a nap on individual cots. Toddlers learn to go potty and work on dressing themselves. 


Your child will do all of this with encouragement, redirection and gentle reminders of how to be a good friend, helper and listener. We keep them entertained, engaged, learning and most of all safe, loved and well cared for.

Our toddler room includes some of the most engaging story-tellers you will ever meet!

Toddler Meals

Breakfast, lunch and snack are served at tables and chairs with cups, plates and spoons and everyone clears their plate when they’re done.


Toddlers eat freshly made food, often featuring ingredients from our own garden!

Explore the space

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Toddler Program Tuition

Kid Playing with Bubble

5 days

4 days

3 days

2 days

Extra Day*






*See all tuition and policy info here

Interested in enrollment? Send us a message to learn about availability!

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