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Infant Program


Child-teacher ratio: 1 teacher per 3-4 infants

Welcome to Duckling Cove

There is no shortage of snuggles here! We hold, love, rock and nurture. We get on the floor and interact on their level. We encourage sitting, crawling, vocalizing, talking, walking and much, much fun.

We like to laugh, smile, sing and get goofy. Your child’s individual schedule will be honored. The’ll eat when they're hungry, sleep when they're tired, play, and play, and play some more. They’ll do art, deliberately explore textures and smells, and get lots of love and encouragement along the way.

Speckled Background

A day in the life

Your baby's day could include:

Art |  painting with sponges, feathers, fingers and more

Reading books |  listening to stories, pointing at pictures and discovering favorites

Exploring textures |  discovering objects that are bumpy, smooth, slippery and squishy

Movement |  support and encouragement with tummy-time, rolling over, crawling and walking

Sign language |  helping to communicate needs

Play |  being silly is an important part of each day

Infant 1.jpeg

Your child will listen, sing, sway, and dance to music. On nice days, we spend time outside taking stroller walks in the neighborhood and enjoying our playground.

Infants will also participate in Seasonal Here We Grow! curriculum with hands-on nutrition and garden activities led by our onsite Food and Nutrition Director, Ms. Jill.

Every day is a new adventure at Duckling Cove! 

Our infant room encourages your child's natural curiosity about the world.

Infant Meals

Infant meals include age-appropriate bottle/cup, freshly made purees, and finger foods.

Explore the infant room

Interested in enrollment? Send us a message to learn about availability or see tuition here

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