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Pre-K Program


Child-teacher ratio: 1 teacher per 8 kids

Welcome to Owl Nest

Owl Nest kids are becoming bigger, faster, more independent and their teachers are ready for the adventure!

We focus on fostering kindergarten readiness with creative activities and lessons that set the foundation for success in school.


Our Pre-K kids are writing, telling stories, performing puppets show, creating fabulous works of art, singing, dancing, being silly, doing wild, messy science and generally trying out their new-found independence.

Speckled Background

A day in the life

Your child's day could include:

Art projects |  painting, drawing, crafting, and more!

Reading, writing & math |  mastering their letters and numbers

Cooperation |  learning to work and play together with friends

Language |  telling jokes, reading stories, and being silly

Outside play |  helping to communicate needs

Fun |  projects and activities that prepare our students for success in school -- without sacrificing the fun!


Hands-on learning sparks the imagination of our Pre-K students.

Every day we're getting more independent in the pre-K rooms! 

Pre-K kids work on communicating with friends and getting themselves ready to go outside. They also focus on pre-reading and reading skills at their own pace, as well as early writing skills.


We help our Pre-K kids discover math and science concepts while giving them a safe and stimulating place to play and explore as they continue on their journey of becoming life-long learners. Kids leave our program well prepared for kindergarten, with plenty of time spent on reading skills and letter and number comprehension.

Pre-K Meals

Pre-K kids are practicing life skills such as problem solving, using good manners, and serving themselves at mealtime.

Explore the Pre-K rooms

Interested in enrollment? Send us a message to learn about availability or see tuition here

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