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Preschool Program


Child-teacher ratio: 1 teacher per 7 preschoolers

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Welcome to Bear Cub Cave, Moose Trail & Fox Den

Art, letters, numbers, shapes, concepts, explore, explore, explore!


Preschool is about questions, answers and imagination. We turn their natural curiosity into learning at every turn. We embrace each child’s interests to help them experience a real joy in learning. 


Using a cross between play-based and Montessori style instruction, your child will grow leaps and bounds.

Speckled Background

A day in the life

Your pre-schooler's day could include:

Art |  painting, cutting, gluing, crafting, and more!

Morning meeting |  sharing stories, learning about the day's weather, checking the calendar and Show & Tell

Science |  discovering the world through observation, experiments, and hands-on exploration

Reading development |  learning sounds, letters, words, and name recognition

Writing skills |  learning letters and how to write their own name

Fine motor development |  working with small pieces and parts

Free play | allowing each child's imagination to guide them

Creative play | encouraging dramatic play, group games, and role-playing


Every day is a new chance to soar in the preschool rooms! 

They will work on science, language, math, conceptual and concrete skills. They’ll have so much fun they won’t even realize they are actively learning!


What they will know is pride in their accomplishments and a growing sense of their own unique and special qualities. 

Opportunities for learning and expressing their unique ideas are available every day!

Preschool Meals

Meals are served family style to practice sharing and good table manners.

Explore the pre-school rooms

Interested in enrollment? Send us a message to learn about availability or see tuition here

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